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Our approach facilitates custom solutions for every customer’s needs, ARMC Global team has a vast array of experience in providing customized services in the following areas: Diagnostics Coaching & Mentoring Training & Development Human Resources Management Team Building  Quality Consulting


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Over the past 30 years, ARMC Global, along with president John P. Fernandez, have written and published ten books on human resources, leadership, Diversity, Proactive Inclusion, and family care.   Leading in a Diverse & Conflicted World In today’s diverse

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Coaching & Mentoring

Our individual, team and group-focused leadership coaching services can make a difference at all levels of the organization, from a lower-level employees to the CEO in any sector. Our coaching services are grounded in ARMCG’s unique developmental model of assessment,


ARMC Global assures through this process of examining and evaluating training and organizational performance through systematic assessments, analysis and data collection. Diagnostics determine and evaluate the performance levels of the organizations, as well as the impact of training on the

Human Resources Management

ARMCG provides you with solutions. These solutions help companies to manage their staff, comply with regulations and best of all, help them to create a work environment that attracts and retains high quality staff and produce great results. Since the

Team Building

ARMCG offers a customized Team Building sessions to insure that the content matches the overall culture and objectives of the firm. We create a more aligned and engaged team through our Team Building process which cover up the following areas:LeadershipTeam

Quality Consulting Services

ARMCG offers quality consulting services and on-site quality management workshops to help regulated companies not only comply with international regulatory standards, but also gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. We provide ideal Quality Consulting Services for any company that

Training & Development

Whether you are an experienced manager, someone newly promoted to a supervisory role, or an employee seeking professional development and growth, our set of training modules is designed to enhance your core skills and help you succeed through innovative strategies

ARMCG Overview

Advanced Research Management Consultants Global, LLC. is a full service human resources, executive coaching, diversity, mentoring, marketing, e-learning and video production firm. We specialize in assisting organizations realize through their employees at all levels their competitive advantage on a local and global scale.

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